Shooting “Cape Blanco Sands”

One of my favorite photos, this 8 image stitch job was a very lucky find. Cape Blanco, about 10 miles from our home, is a very windy place! In fact, so windy, we had our mini-van door ripped off one time at the lighthouse. There are very few calm days here, if it’s raining, the wind is out of the south, and if it’s sunny, out of the north.

My wife and I took the chance, as it was calm at home, and drove out to the best beach access at the state park, a narrow road to a parking lot, off the campground loop. This was late in the day, in mid August, an especially windy time. You can really get sandblasted out here, not a good time for cameras! Luck was with us, it was dead calm!

We hiked down the beach, as the sun dropped low, reaching the mouth of the Elk River just before it dipped into the sea. The lighting was “perfect”, the 1 in 100 light you get once in a while in the “golden hour” . We did several shots each, in a real rush! Setting up for panorama shots is slow work, and the window of perfect light is very short. I managed 4 sets of of images before it faded, and got 3 shots I really like.

The low angle brings out the textures and ripples in the sand, with a very warm feeling. This is an 8 image stitch, 2 rows of 4 images. It was shot with a Canon 350d, 17-40L lens, F18 @ 1/80th of a second. I use a Giottos tripod and have the accessory sand/snow shoes for it, which are a huge help on soft surfaces!

 A perfect evening on the Oregon Coast!

A perfect evening on the Oregon Coast!


~ by earthseaimagery on July 12, 2009.

One Response to “Shooting “Cape Blanco Sands””

  1. Beautiful pic. I love the dunes

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