A Frustrating Day


A rather frustrating day! We stopped up at Sumpter and visited the dredge, got some photos I didn’t have and talked to the gal in the gift shop, who remembered me. I may put some prints for sale there. The drive to Baker was nice, with great clouds and wildflowers in the meadows. Got in a good visit with David at Scorpio Pets, then headed out to Rock Cr. No one was around at the power plant (1906 vintage hydroelectric plant, very cool), although I did get to see their new pv (solar panel) array.

Decided it would be nice to camp up at Anthony Lake, and after the long pull to 7000 feet, there was lots of snow and no place to camp, as it’s still snowed in. So, we drove most the way back to Sumpter and are camped at the sw corner of Phillips Lake. Very quiet, nice view, only 2 other campers here so we have the whole end of the cg to ourselves. Rained last night, sprinkling off and on this morning, the Elkhorns are shrouded in mist and clouds part of the time. The air smells wonderful, clean and pungent with sage.

A break in the rain allowed me time for this 4 image pano.

A break in the rain allowed me time for this 4 image pano.


I guess we’ll head for Ontario in the morning, to see Joe and Evelyn. At least it will be cool there, not the 90+ they had last week.


~ by earthseaimagery on July 14, 2009.

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