Coldwater Cove Campground, Santiam Pass, Oregon

Sugarstick, Allotropa Virgata

Sugarstick, Allotropa Virgata


We left Port Orford yesterday around 9:30 am, and arrived at Coldwater Cove Campground in the early afternoon. Partly sunny, with thunderstorms brewing over the mountains. Pretty warm, around 74 and a bit muggy.

The campground is more or less, at the headwaters of the McKenzie River, and fairly large, spring fed, Clear lake. Walking clockwise, as far as we went, on the trail around the lake, was ok, but pretty typical forest, with a few wildflowers. Later, heading the other way, was much more interesting. Less than a ¼ mile from the boatramp, the trail turns to asphalt? Actually for good reason, as it heads out into the lava fields. Tough walking without a trail, as it’s very sharp, jagged stuff, in a huge variety of sizes, mostly cobble to boulder. There’s lots of vine maple here, that should be excellent photo material in the fall. Also lots of large trees and snags that are very photogenic. The trail winds around a lot, while more or less, following the lake shore.

Another interesting chlorophyl-less plant Sugarstick, caught my eye along the trail.

There are numerous osprey here, fun to watch! Also lots of wildflowers, some of which I’ve already photographed. This morning, it’s pretty gray/misty, but I’ll grab the camera and head back out along the shoreline to the lava fields and see what I can find. I did get nice shots at the campsite (22), of coralroot in bloom. Western Coralroot


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