Thunderstorms, Great Skies, and Heading Home!


A Thunderstorm in the making, near Ontario Oregon

A Thunderstorm in the making, near Ontario Oregon

After 3 days and 2 nights in Ontario, we are back at Cold Water Cove CG, near the McKenzie River. The weather was, at least, cool in Ontario, and fairly stink free! It rained/poured a lot. I got Joe’s door replaced, fixed the fence gate, and bits of other things. Both Eve and I were just about dying to get out of there!
SVRy #19 on the steep grade just before the Sumpter Station
Yesterday, around 9 am, we were packed up and ready to go. No lights on the trailer. It took an hour to get them working, and we finally headed back to Sumpter. I got to see Dan (engineer) and Taylor (station master) and got caught up on what’s happening there. Also purchased the new book on the SVRy. It was raining hard on the way up, and in many places to the west. We finally left the heavy showers around Prineville, and had sunshine with puffy clouds through Sisters.

This morning it’s overcast, but looks like it will stay dry. I’ll be getting Eve up in a bit, and we’ll hike along the lake and do some photography, then head for home. Out along the lake, I couldn’t resist getting another photo of a sugarstick plant.
Also called "candystick", "barber's pole" and "devil's wand"

Here’s the set-up to take this photo, using my Canon 40d, 17-40 L lens, right angle finder, and Giottos tripod. Oh, and of course, the remote release, with the camera set for mirror lock-up.
Photo Set-up for photographing small plants and flowers


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