Foggy day in Bandon

Coquille River Lighthouse at Bandon

Coquille River Lighthouse at Bandon

Eve had errands in Bandon yesterday, so I dropped her off and went out looking for pictures for a couple hours in the morning. Leaving Port Orford, it was sunny and calm, but a few miles north, it was very foggy near the coast, with a north wind to boot.

I had thought to spend some time on the beach near Face Rock, but the fog was so thick that visibility was less than 100′. So, I ended up doing some photos of the historic lift bridge across the Coquille River a mile inland, with clear blue skies and sunshine. Then I headed out to the lighthouse, as the fog was thinning a bit, out that way. My favorite shot of the day is of the lighthouse with dune grass in the foreground and fog obscured Bandon behind. What doesn’t show is the sand blowing and sandblasting my legs, it was pretty windy, although the blowing sand was staying near the ground, or the camera would have stayed in the car!


~ by earthseaimagery on July 21, 2009.

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