Interesting Photo Location at Bandon Oregon

We had some time to kill in Bandon a couple days ago, and decided to explore behind the strip mall at the north end of town. We’d hopes of a view looking down on Old Town. What we found was the Catholic Cemetery. Old and fancy gravestones from the late 1800’s, a huge cypress tree, and views out to the ocean, with the lighthouse in the distance, made for an interesting time. We’ll have to go back when the light is more interesting. Early afternoon made the big cypress into a mass of shadows! The lighting was good for making the raised stone letters stand out on the graves though.


I’ve been spending time working on our vintage lightweight fiberglass trailer, a 1973 PlayPac. This is a pretty rare trailer, only 75 were made, due to the molds being destroyed during a bankrupcy of the fiberglass fabricator they were using. When we bought it, the interior was painted PURPLE, even the skylight! It had also leaked badly around the door seals so the floor was punky.

It is very short, only about 13 feet over the tongue, and fully loaded, weighs around 1500 pounds. This makes it ideal for camping in the small, out of the way campgrounds we prefer, while out doing our photography. It is so small, that we can turn it around anywhere, just disconnect from the Honda and turn it by hand. This is a good thing when exploring forest service roads!


~ by earthseaimagery on July 27, 2009.

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