The latest Restoration/Vintage framing job!

A long time customer brought me a large, framed family portrait recently. It’s from the mid teens, and in a period frame (original), of a type known as “Cathedral”. He wanted to have The photo copied, all damage removed, and copies made for his other family members. He had hopes that I could make them at least, similar, to the original. I searched online and didn’t find any new frames of this type, just regular oval frames with “bubble” glass.

I suggested buying vintage frames, mentioning that they may not be perfect, and would likely have minor chips and dings. That was fine with him, as they would look “old”. A search of Ebay for about a month yielded the frames we needed, and all arrived with no further damage in shipping. I’ll admit I was nervous about cleaning the glass, which was pretty grungy on most the frames. A broken glass would make the frame a total loss (the glass bulges upwards about an inch in the center)!

After all the cracks, chips and mars had been removed from the copy of the original image, I printed 4 and proceeded to cut backing boards. These all had to be “free handed” with a sharp knife. I dry mounted the results and reassembled the frames. Here’s the results, with the original being the largest of the images in the picture.russ-4 frames-original


~ by earthseaimagery on July 31, 2009.

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