Copyright trials and tribulations

This is the second time I’ve wended my way through the online Library of Congress copyright sight (ECO). It was a little easier, as the uploads used to be limited to 30 minute sessions, they are now 1 hour. I send image collections of unpublished photos, sized to 800 pixels on the larger dimension. I save them as medium quality JPG files, then put them all in a compressed Zip file.

In the form to fill out, there’s one real puzzler of a question regarding the title of your submission, “What type of title is this?” Huh????? After going through their help file, I was positive that one of the choices was correct! So,…..I guessed! Photoshop User magazine has an article on filing this way, they remind you to remember that the website was built by the lowest bidder! How true!

So, I’ve now added many more images to my website of fine art for sale. Earth-Sea Imagery

Cape of Arches

alder and ice

Both of these are 4×5 view camera shots.


~ by earthseaimagery on August 12, 2009.

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