Flood your favorite town!

This is just too cool! It’s called flood, and it’s a plug-in for photoshop. It creates water, waves, ripples, etc. with amazing realism. Flood
I downloaded the 30 day free trial, no installation, just unzip, and put the file in the plugin folder of Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. It will be great in the fantasy images I’m playing with, but I can see all sorts of other uses, from the little playing I’ve done. It could add surface reflections to a wet street, complete with raindrop ripples, etc.

Say you want a high tide photo, and high tide is after dark, well……………

coquile lighthouse flood

Or you have this cute lamb photo, and wish there was a pond in front of him.

Mischief, Who Me?

I expect the “free” trial costs most people that try it, very addictive!


~ by earthseaimagery on August 14, 2009.

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