A Nice Hike on the Southern Oregon Coast

The hike to Blacklock Point is a nearly level, and easy trail. To get there, turn west off Highway 101 at Airport Road, 5.6 miles south of Langlois or coming north, 7.3 miles from Port Orford. When you get to the airport (2.93 miles from highway 101) , an old WWII military runway a mile long, there is a gate. Parking for the trailhead is to the left. In the rainy season, be prepared for small lake sized puddles on the trail!

We saw no poison oak anywhere here, although it’s common on many of the headlands. Right now (mid August), salal berries are ripe and thick. Not great, but when soft, they are fairly tasty. It’s a little over a mile to Blacklock point. There are two forks, both of which go to Floras Lake. We’ve only been partway, along the 2nd one.

The headland is high above the ocean and has a grassy meadow with a spectacular view. To the south, there’s the mouth of Sixes River and Cape Blanco with it’s famous lighthouse. To the north there’s a deep canyon, small waterfall, and farther north some very picturesque cliffs. The hillsides are covered with lupine, which should be amazing when in bloom in late spring. There’s a trail, just after you come out of the woods, that leads down to the beach, on the south side.

After spending time here, we decided to hike out the 2nd trail to Floras Lake, which is on the other side of the deep canyon. The first real trail that cuts off from this one, when you are back near the ocean, leads to a rather spectacular spot. Bare, hard ground or sandstone, with small pebbles scattered thickly. The wind has scoured it clean of sand. Great views of Blacklock from here, including a view of a small amount of track from an 1880’s tramway to load quarried sandstone onto ships.

Looking south towards Blacklock Point

The shore pine jungle here is really cool! The trail cuts through it, and at times you are in a “tunnel” of foliage.

shorepines at blacklock


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