Oregon Coast Trip

The purpose of the trip was to meet other Imagekind artists at Barview Campground near Garibaldi, OR. We had a great time with these other artists! On the other hand, the campground was really not our kind of place. It was huge, around 300 campsites, full, and a nightmare to navigate. It had to have been one of the most confusing campgrounds I’ve ever seen, with many loops, poor signs and a goofy map.

We also spent 2 nights at Kilchis River Campground, pretty much a “perfect place”. I’m going to start a group of pages just for campgrounds and other great locations in the PNW, so I won’t go into details here.

Both Eve and I got good photos on the trip. She caught Captain Heron in Wheeler, from one of the docks!

IK-captain herron

I think my favorite of the images I caught, is one on the Kilchis River. It’s an 8 image stitch, and really looks awesome full screen. I can hardly wait to get a large print done, probably about 30″ wide.

Kilchis River

Another I’m quite pleased with is of a “Nurse Log”, about a mile upstream from the Kilches River CG. This is a 6 image stitch.

Nurse Log


~ by earthseaimagery on September 18, 2009.

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