Coos Bay Wagon Road, Waterfalls, and a Dam

What a great drive! Yesterday, we traveled inland from the coast to Roseburg, OR. Taking a very different route, we went by way of the old Coos Bay Wagon Road that connected Coos Bay with Roseburg. Most is paved, but there’s a 11 mile section of gravel. It is fairly steep, very crooked, and very scenic! Although we have an SUV (mostly for ground clearance), this road is fine for any car, although probably not in the winter!

It is a definite place to go back to, yesterday was more of an exploratory trip, just seeing what was there. It follows the East Fork of the Coquille River, along much of the western half, with many deep canyons full of very large boulders, a fair amount of old growth 4-6 foot trees, and several waterfalls. There’s also lots of poison oak, so caution is advised.

Coquille River Falls along old "Wagon Road"

Last year, 3 weeks earlier, we visited the Winchester Dam on the North Umpqua River.

Winchester Dam and Fish Ladder

There’s a fish viewing room, constructed of cement and stone, with 3 viewing windows along the fish ladder. Out the barred window is a view of the 1924 Arch bridge crossing the river, I-5 bridge behind it, and a railroad bridge beyond that! I got the 4 image pano in this room last year, but there were no fish in the ladder.

Yesterday, in one of my few “go back and try it again”, success stories, I got the fish too! This is a 4 image stitch, I shot 5 photos in the first position, the fish window, to have some choice as to the look of the salmon, and picked the one I liked best.

Winchester Dam Fish Ladder


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