The Mushrooms are Up!

One of Eve and my favorite subjects is mushrooms! (We also had chanterelles for dinner.) We went hunting with cameras and tripods, at South Slough, near Charleston, OR. This has been a really great place to find a large variety in late October through November. A right angle finder is a must have, on an SLR camera. If you have a small digicam, a fold out screen works well, as most shots will be with the camera near, or on the ground. With one of these, figure on wet knees, otherwise, you’ll be laying on the ground and wet all over!

Here’s a small coral mushroom, in a shaft of sunlight.


The second is some type of russula, very purple, decidedly alien looking on the forest floor.


A couple days later, we went mushroom hunting with long time shroomers, this time for the chanterrelles, successfully, near Humbug Mountain State Park. This was on our friends property, where they have some great locations that yield well every year. While searching, I came across these Oyster mushrooms, lit by a brightly overcast sky, but under a heavy forest canopy. I didn’t carry my tripod along, but with care, got a good sharp image handheld, 1/25 @ F4.5.


Having only 1 cup of coffee, many hours before, probably was why the shot isn’t “shook up”!


~ by earthseaimagery on October 27, 2009.

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