Mushrooms and more Mushrooms!

Wow, this year has been spectacular for mushrooms so far! They’re everywhere, in near infinite variety. Such fun subjects, they offer a hike in the woods, great pix, more opportunities in the studio, then you can eat some of them. We have close friends that are long time mushroom experts, holding our hands, guiding us to the very safe ones.

My macro lens, right angle finder, and knee pads are getting a workout this year. I tend to forget the knee pads when out on hikes, so wet, knees seem to be my signature appearance of late. Most mushrooms I’ve photographed have been on the forest floor (after a heavy rain), dimly lit, and often in awkward to get at locations. I feel like a contortionist by the time I’ve done a few shots!

King Bolete

I just love the texture of the stem on this slightly unusual King Bolete. This is a 4 image “stack”, in order to get enough depth of field to keep the entire mushroom sharp. My mushroom friends are anxious for me to finish photographing this one, so they can have it for dinner!

Amanita Muscaria

“Toadstool” the mushroom everyone thinks of! This “fly amanita” is the richest, most saturated specimen I’ve come across. Not edible, but certainly a visual treat.


Another prime edible, the chantrelle is common in this area. I brought some home and set up the light tent to do this photo. Mostly back lit, to bring out the subtle shadings and texture of the undersides. I think these are one of my favorites to photograph!


~ by earthseaimagery on November 12, 2009.

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