Fern Canyon

Last Sunday, we had a wonderfully warm and sunny November day, and headed down to Fern Canyon. This is around 40 miles into California, 125 miles south of us. The turn off of highway 101, Davidson road, is about 3 miles north of Orick CA. It starts out with an elk viewing area, and yes, there were lots of elk within 100 feet of the road, inlcuding a big bull with huge antlers. From here on, it’s a narrow gravel road, that has sharp corners, and winds between the small redwoods, in spots, quite narrow. It is not a road for motor homes or trailers! Quite a few family cars were at the trailhead, although most people were in SUVs. Halfway, after crossing a hill, you come down along the small, grass covered dunes and the ocean. Following this north, the road is at the base of a cliff for a mile or two, and fords two shallow streams, no bridge, but good gravel and 4″-6″ of water.

At the trailhead, there’s restrooms, picnic tables, and interpretive signs. The trail is quite short, to the start of Fern Canyon, about 1/10th mile. Figure on wading in the stream, crossing the very slippery logs didn’t work for me! The stream is shallow. The canyon is amazing, the walls are nearly vertical and absolutely carpeted with ferns.

To make things even better, I could indulge in my obsesion of photographing more mushrooms!


~ by earthseaimagery on November 19, 2009.

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