We Rescued a dog in a leg trap!

Saturday, the 5th

Since we’ve been having chilly (for here) weather, but gloriously sunny and wind free days, we decided to go for a drive this afternoon. We went up the Elk River, one of my favorite photo spots, and close to home. The road was very icy, and since it’s narrow, winding and prone to slides, we took it real easy, nearly turning back several times. The pavement ends 10 miles up the canyon, and the road forks.

We hadn’t taken a photo yet, too many heavy shadows and bright sunlight spots. We almost turned around here, but decided to go up the north fork, no further than a couple miles. Crossing the one lane bridge, we headed up the steep and windy ex logging road, that splits Grassy Knob Wilderness from the new Copper-Salmon Wilderness. No one had been up this road in at least several days, no tire tracks and lots of ruts that would show any travel.

What’s that black thing, moving along the lower side of the road? A bear? No, it’s a big, black dog and it looks injured! Stopping, we approach cautiously. Good grief, it’s right front paw is in a leg trap! The dog appeared extremely thin, young, and cold. It never made a sound when we approached or as we released the trap, and, inspite of a sore foot, jumped right into our SUV. We gave her a granola bar and water, then brought her home. It’s obvious she has not eaten much for many days, although it looks like she was only in the trap for a day or so, as her foot wasn’t torn up, just sore. I’d guess she’s about 20-30 pounds shy of her normal weight. We’ll run an add in the paper, but if we can’t find her owner, we may adopt her.

Update: Sunday, the 6th!

Eve made a discovery! When we found the dog, it squatted to piddle. We assumed it was a girl. In feeling for a spay scar, Eve found something else in it’s place! He’s a neutered male! He knows “sit”, but not “heel”, and pulls strongly, when out for a walk on a leash. He jogs nicely with me (for short distances only, puff pant ). Under the long and luxurious, but somewhat coarse hair, he’s really skinny, all knoby bones.

Already, he’s very energetic when you say, “walk”. He was also very good about going back in his pen when we got back, although he gave us the sad eye, “Can’t I come in the house” look.

He’s obviously very young, and has huge feet. We are trying to find the owners, with an ad in the paper, and checking the local buletin boards, but, he’s a real nice dog, and we wouldn’t be upset if we keep him!


~ by earthseaimagery on December 7, 2009.

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  1. […] For those that don’t know, we found him on a back, dirt road, between 2 wilderness areas last december. His front right foot was in a leg trap the size used for beaver, and he was starving to death. He weighed about 60 pounds, and is now at his ideal weight of 105. Our best guess is that he is about a year and half old now, and is a husky/shepherd mix. First post about Tug was December 5, 2009 […]

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