Photoshop Work to Zazzle Products

I’ve been making some products, working from my collection of vintage railroad photographs. I’ve tried to get the look of manufacturer’s builders photos, which were black and white, with the backgrounds opaqued out. This was an opaque clay mix actually painted on the 8×10 inch negatives to get rid of the background.

Carefull selections in Photoshop are easier than that, but complex selections can still be a serious pain! By using the pen tool, instead of the lasso, this process is much less frustrating. I’ve just put together a short article on how this is done.

Here is one of the photos I worked from and how the final product looks. I kept the cut out, logo, and text all on separate layers, so I could re format it to fit a coffe cup and other products. I also made this available as a poster print.

You can see more of my Zazzle items at my store, earth_sea’s Store at Zazzle


~ by earthseaimagery on December 18, 2009.

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