I’m way behind posting here, here’s why!

I now have a new website, over-due for several years. It’s got a ways to go to be complete, but it is much better than the old one. Earth Sea Imagery

The railroad and historic image section are far from complete, but have a start and decent framework to build on. The Gallery, is temporarily set up to open a new browser window, and use my Gallery at Imagekind, which is pretty seamless, and looks about the same, so this’ll work for a while. The Image Restoration Service page is well thought out and worded, thanks to friend, Steve Taylor, who’s really good at wording things well, and proof reading.

Tug, the dog we rescued, is working out wonderfully, he’s fully intergrated into our family (pack). What a great dog, couldn’t ask for a better Christmas present, if a bit early. He’s also leading us, as a personal fitness trainer, we try to walk him a mile or more at least twice a day. Since we live on a ridge, we have a choice of going down into the valley, 1/2 mile and 200 feet down, or going up the ridge a couple hundred feet, then dropping down almost 400 into the valley and back around and up our driveway. I’m definitely in better shape after 3 weeks of this!


~ by earthseaimagery on January 7, 2010.

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