Photographing a Salamander

Northwestern Salamander, Ambystoma gracile. Found at the bottom a pile of brush and branches we were burning. He was buried in the needles and leaves when we disturbed his slumber. A fairly common salamander in the Pacific NW, but rarely seen, as they are nocturnal. An endearing trait, they have a built-in smile like a dolphin.

I brought him inside to do the photos. Believe it or not, there’s a good use for large chemical darkroom trays. I kept my 16″x20″ trays, and they are perfect to contain leaves, forest duff, moss, mushrooms and small critters. Large enough to work in, and no mess to clean up afterwards! I used two daylight balanced, 45 watt, compact fluorescent bulbs in reflectors for light, and the Canon 60mm macro on my 40d camera.


~ by earthseaimagery on January 30, 2010.

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