Shore Pines and Moss

A couple days ago, we took some friends on a hike to Blacklock Point, just a few miles north of Port Orford, OR. The trail starts near the airport, a shockingly huge runway, built during WWII, 5000 feet long, meets the eye, posing the question, “what’s that doing here, in the middle of nowhere?”. The small planes that now use it, take off or land in about 1/10 of it!

Along the trail, there are many twisted forms of shore pines, tough to photograph, as they tend to blend into the background trees, at least without a 3d view. I spotted a brilliant green, moss covered tree, laying across a bog, about 200 feet off trail. It drew me like a magnet! There were some very interesting trees behind it, so I did a 6 image stitch.

After getting home and processing/stitching the images, I was a bit disappointed in the result. It didn’t stand out as brilliantly as the visual effect when I saw it, so I started playing with ideas in Photoshop. With masks and layers, I desaturated the image, except for the mossy log, then added another layer, giving a hint of sepia tone to those less saturated areas. I darkened the background trees, other than the twisted trunks that are closer, which I lightened, so they would stand out somewhat. I think I finally managed to get the “look” and emotional feeling of what I saw.


~ by earthseaimagery on March 9, 2010.

One Response to “Shore Pines and Moss”

  1. Really great B&W coversions in addition to some great photos. Really enjoyed your page.

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