“Tug”, the dog we found in the wilderness

Tug has now been with us for 8 months, and it’s hard to remember life without him. What a great family member he’s turned into! He’s very healthy, super energetic, loves to ride in the car, and spreads black hair everywhere.

For those that don’t know, we found him on a back, dirt road, between 2 wilderness areas last december. His front right foot was in a leg trap the size used for beaver, and he was starving to death. He weighed about 60 pounds, and is now at his ideal weight of 105. Our best guess is that he is about a year and half old now, and is a husky/shepherd mix. First post about Tug was December 5, 2009

He has some very amusing quirks:

There’s a monster in the furnace floor vents! Point at one and he growls and barks, and he has a true, rattle the windows, sub woofer BARK. If we toss him a treat and he happens to miss, and by chance, it rolls near to or on the vent, he’ll sneak up on it warily, reach out with a paw, and try to snag it. Usually, we have to come to the rescue.

I play blues harmonica, no matter where he is in the house, if I start, he rushes over, tail wagging, and starts howling along. It is so funny, that it’s hard to keep playing.

In the back of the SUV, driving down the road, he pretty much ignores cars and small trucks coming the other way. But… If a big truck or motorhome rushes by, his head snaps around, following it past the side window, stopping often with a whack, on the rear window. They are hopelessly nose printed!

He’s quite tall, barely fits with scraping, and scrunching down, under the kitchen table. His tail is held high and curled in a forward corkscrew over his back. It is very bushy. When going under the table, the tail has the annoying habit of plunking across/into anything within 12″ of the table edge. Watch out for your coffee, donuts are for dunking, tails?????? NOT!



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