Abert Lake, South Central Oregon

Last June, we made a trip across the state, clear to the Idaho border for a visit with Eve’s relatives. We planned a 3-4 night camping trip across the southern border of Oregon on the return drive. The weather was unseasonable to say the least, with heavy rain, snow, and massive hail storms. We left Ontario at 10 am, with a plan of camping near Steen’s Mountain later that day, but ran into so much bad weather, that we drove home, with stops at sun breaks along the way, arriving back in Port Orford at about 1:30 am.

In the area of the Alvord Desert and the very large alkali lake, we probably saw 1/2 to 2/3rds of their annual rainfall in a couple hours. The sun came out briefly along Abert Lake, and we stopped for some photos.

The huge boulders at the base of Abert Rim were covered with brilliant Orange lichen, very striking. I also photographed some clump grass that I thought formed a cool pattern.

It was very frustrating to finally get to this area, then have the weather so bad that we rarely were willing to leave the car! Where it normally would have been bone dry and uncomfortably warm, it was pouring mixed rain and snow, with temps in the 37-42 range, the places we planned on camping were full of snow, and some of the best spots for photos (when the weather was good) had absolutely no place to get off the road for miles. We will just have to go back later this year and hope for better luck!


~ by earthseaimagery on August 21, 2010.

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