Macro Photo of another Mushroom! Bleeding Hydnellum

My wife spotted this, she has a great eye for finding things for me to photograph! I set up the tripod with the elevator arm extended to the side, so the camera was almost on the ground. I had my trusty piece of inner tube rubber to kneel on (no wet knees!) and the right angle finder so I didn’t have to lay down to see in the finder. Using mirror lock-up and a cable release, I made 3 exposures at F6.3 @ 1/6 second, each focused at a different point.

Once home, I processed the RAW files and output 16 bit tif, then used Photoshop’s stacking process to combine the shartest parts of each image.

Bleeding Hydnellum (Hydnellum peckii)


~ by earthseaimagery on October 20, 2010.

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