Countdown to Christmas? Well, sort of… My new camera will be here today, I’m upgrading from my Canon 40d to a Canon 7d. The 40d is a great camera, and of the 50 or so cameras I’ve used professionally since around 1970, it has been the most comfortable in my hands, so far. I doubt the 7d will be much different.

The 7d will almost double the pixel count and print full frame images 21.6 x 14.4 inches @ 240ppi, so I’ll shoot a few less stitched images, or at least, cuss less when I didn’t do a stitch and should have! It also has better weather sealing, a good thing while living on the coast. The image quality at higher ISO settings is also quite a bit less noisy than the 40d, hand held in the deep forest, this will be a plus too.

It will be interesting to have a camera that shoots HD video, although, I don’t really see using this feature much. That may change with experience, but I’m really a still image photographer.


~ by earthseaimagery on October 25, 2010.

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