Colorizing black and white images

I’ve just added a tutorial on colorizing black and white images. It is in the Vintage Photo Restoration section. If you’ve ever wished that a photo you took years ago, or a vintage family photo was in color, a bit of research (was here hair brown or black, what color were her eyes?) and photoshop will grant your wish!

If doing work on a historic photo or scene, it’s good to get the colors accurate. I do restoration for museums and sometimes am asked to colorize a photo of a long gone era. Carefull searches will yield automotive color charts, info on railroad streamliners, etc.

Here’s an example of work I just did, for myself. I took these photos on Vancouver Island in 1971. The Chemainus mill still used a steam locomotive for switching their railroad trackage. I shot several rolls of black and white 120 film, but couldn’t afford to shoot color as well. I always wished…


~ by earthseaimagery on November 28, 2010.

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