We’ve now had our dog Tug for a year!

Since we found Tug, stuck in a trap, between 2 wilderness areas, last December 5th, he’s become a total part of the family. What a great friend he is! His only bad habit is out of his control, good grief is he a hair factory! Each day, there are wads of black hair on the floor, we brush gobs out of him, he never seems to have less than a super thick coat, where does it all come from?

He loves the beach, and we go down as often as time, tides and weather permit. He won’t fetch a stick, but loves to chase and pounce on fast rolling small rocks, usually in a spray of sand! When his 110 pounds pounces at a full run, something’s gotta give. Here he is yesterday in a typical pose after a bit of excise, and yes, his tongue really is that big.

Tongue lolling, a panting Tug on the beach at Port Orford, Oregon


~ by earthseaimagery on December 17, 2010.

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