Having come into this world near the middle of the 20th Century, it’s hard to believe the new date! Especially from the vantage point of a history and vintage image fan, the changes that have occured are mind boggling. In photography alone, who’d have ever thought?

Film would be nearly extinct.
Restoration of a damaged photo would be relatively easy in Photoshop, instead of hours retouching a negative or airbrushing a print and re-photographing it.
A 5 year old pro camera would be almost useless. In 1975 a 5 year old high end camera was still an expensive item.
Your $$$ darkroom equipment would be obsolete and nearly unsaleable, when 20 years ago a 25 year old enlarger was as useful as when it was new!

Would I go back to film and a traditional chemical darkroom? NO WAY!, although the nostagia value would make it fun once every few years.

I hope in the following few months to get more tutorials on image restoration online and some tips on using Adobe Bridge as an image cataloging tool. Of course, as time and weather permits, my main hope is for more hiking in the beautiful Pacific Northwest!

Visit my website to see my own photography, as well as my large collection of historic images of the area and railroad history also. Earth-Sea Imagery

Happy New Year All!


~ by earthseaimagery on January 1, 2011.

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