For Fun, A Couple of our Earlier “Motorhomes”

Compared to the other “motorhomes” I’ve had, the Sunrader is a rocket! My first, built in 1973, was on a 1935 Chev flatbed truck. She had 68.5 HP and weighed about 8700 pounds. 0-30 was 3 blocks on the level with no headwind! Top speed was around 42 and on hills, she was a real challenge. Non syncro gears meant double clutching, which was slow, so starting on a hill, it wasn’t unusual to be stuck in 2nd at around 12-15mph to the top. a rocket compared to some of my former motorhomes. The 35 Chevy was rated at 67.5 HP and weighed about 8000 pounds.

1935 Chevrolet 1 1/2 ton truck with cabin.

Our 2nd RV was again, home built in 1983. It’s on a 47 Chevy, non syncro 4 speed, still weighed in about the same, but had more oomph @ 90 HP.
1947 Chevrolet with our 2nd cabin.

On the level, again, NO headwind, we could make about 52 with this one, the streamlining really helped, especially in windy conditions.


~ by earthseaimagery on April 29, 2011.

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