Online image protection, Watermarks in Photoshop

Protecting images posted online is a never ending hassle/challenge. If you want to show off an image at a larger size, here’s one way to mostly protect it. It can be pretty subtle and still quite difficult to remove, once the layers are flattened.

Kilchis River with watermark

With an image open, and sized as you wish it to display, go to the text tool, and right click. Select the Horizontal Type Mask Tool. Click on the image, more or less where you want the text, and select a large size, depending on your original. For a 1000 pixel wide image, I used 100 for a text size. To get a copyright symbol on a PC, hold the Alt key down and type 0169 on the numeric keypad. I think it’s Command G on a Mac.

copyright  watermark text type

You’ll get a red screen with the © symbol, get it where you want it with the move tool, and if need be, select and resize it. Now click on the check on the toolbar, and you’ll see marching ants around the selected text. On a PC, copy with Ctrl C and paste with Ctrl V ( I don’t remember on a Mac!), the marching ants will disappear and the image will look like nothing has changed. Now, go to the layers menu, and, under the Layer Styles, select Bevel and Emboss.

Layer Styles

The © will pop out at you! Many tweaks are optional in the emboss window. You can check either up or down to make the text raise or sink, make it higher/lower etc. Just play with the controls until you get what you like. Adding a drop shadow or any of the other effects is simple and reversible, until flattened.


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